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Guide Contents

Getting Started

Main Window

File Menu
  Print Setup

Edit Menu
  Copy Freq
  Copy Mode

View Menu
  Status Bar
  Advanced Options
  Full Screen
  Colour Schemes
  Layout Size
  Selection Window
  Slider Controls
  Next Slider Layout

Bands Menu
  Band Up
  Band Down
  Out of Band Warnings
  Bandspread Undo

Favourites Menu
  Show Markers
  Marker Size

Quick Save Menu
  Erase All
  Show Markers
  Marker Size

Macros Menu
  CAT Command Manager

Logbook Menu
  Import from ADIF
  Export to ADIF
  Export to Cabrillo
  eQSL Real-time Upload
  Print Setup
  Print Preview
  Add Entry
  Edit Entry
  Delete Entries
  Bulk Editor
  Plot Locator Squares
  Refresh Display
  Fit Column Widths
  Column Layout
  Display Main
  Display Small

Scanning Menu
  Scan Range
  Scan this Band
  Scan Frequencies

Tuning Menu
  Enter Frequency
  Fixed Steps
  Mouse Wheel
  Show Fine II
  Fine I and II

Tools Menu
  Add Desktop Item
  Audio Grabber
  Command Tester
  DX Cluster
  Lock Program
  Satellite Tracker
  Shortwave Database
  HRD Cluster Updates
  Web Page Updates
  Extended Menus
  Memory Management
  Parallel Port
    PSK31 Deluxe
  Customise Layout
  Program Options
    Com Port TX
    ICOM Calibration
    Info: Modes
    Info: Options
    Out of Band
    Mouse Wheel
    Selection Window
    Sliders: Appearance
    Sliders: Layout

Voice Menu
  Frequency and Mode
  S Meter
  Speak Tooltips

Window Menu
  Arrange Icons

Help Menu
  Online Help
  HB9DRV on the Web
  User Community
  Remote Server
  Check for Updates
  Registration (Free)

Tips and Tricks