The Scan Frequencies menu option allows you to create "banks" of scan frequencies without filling up the memory locations in your rig. You can scan the Quick Save or Favourites and Other frequencies. The frequencies are saved on the computer itself and sent individually to the rig as required.

The FT-847, for example, has some 80 memories for storing favourite frequencies from any band. If you use the rig to scan and have stored frequencies from a number of bands, scanning will be accompanied by much relay activity as different bands are switched as required. You cannot restrict scanning to one band and avoid accelerated relay wear unless you go through and lock out the individual memories of the unwanted bands. HRD allows you to set banks of frequencies and then you can choose them at will.

The Scan Frequencies window lists current banks of frequencies with a number of operating controls that will affect how the scan is performed. Creating the banks will be covered later.
Repeat: - The drop down arrow provides a choice of Continuous scan or Once Only through the selected group.
Min Interval: - This sets the minimum time interval to spend on each frequency. The lower the selected value, the quicker the scan but, possibly the less the sensitivity. Also, if too quick, the scanning may stop on the next channel to an active one. Try it and see.
Resume: - This sets the scan resumption conditions after stopping on an occupied frequency. The options are Auto, None, 1, 3, 5 or 10 seconds. My FT-847 doesn't like the Auto setting and goes a little crazy on resumption by scanning really fast. Must try and find out why.
Threshold: - This sets the S Meter level at which the scan should stop on an occupied frequency.
Scan: - There is a choice of scanning any Quick Save frequencies or Frequencies and Favourites that you have defined.
The Groups listing is a list of banks of frequencies that have been defined. The individual frequencies in the banks are shown to the right with checkboxes. The checkboxes need to be checked to include the individual frequencies in the scan. They are normally checked when created but can be unchecked to temporarily bypass them without having to remove them from the group.

Autosave Changes: - Check this box to automatically save any changes as they are made. You can change them later if you make a mistake.

There are several buttons in a row at the bottom of the Scan Frequencies window.
Create new group - creates a New group with a text box window in which to enter the group name. Click on the New Group button and you will be prompted for a name for the New Group. The frequencies window will remain empty as there are no frequencies entered as yet.

See Add Favourite or Add current radio frequency buttons for frequency input.
Save frequencies to a group - saves the current groups.
Delete - deletes the currently selected group.
Start and Stop buttons - start and stop a scan of the selected group of frequencies. If the frequencies being scanned are displayed in the current bands display, the appropriate segment will be highlighted as the scan progresses through the frequencies. If scanning is stoped, either deliberately stopped or even not started, double clicking on a frequency in the scan display will immediately alter the radio to that frequency.
Add Favourite provides a choice from the Favourites selection to add to a group. Just click on the frequency of interest in the selection box and it will be added to the group.
Add current radio frequency - adds the current tuned frequency to the current group list.
Cut - deletes the selected frequency from the current group's list.
Edit - select a frequency from the displayed group and use this button to Edit its details.
Finally, there are two arrow buttons that move the currently selected frequency up in the list if it is not at the top or down in the list if it is not already at the bottom.
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