--> - This option will provide a scanning window via a choice of seven frequency spans from 5kHz to 500kHz. The From: and To: frequencies will be from the current tuned frequency to the frequency up the band to the end of the selected frequency span by default. You can edit the values.

Freq: - This will normally be the current tuned frequency and is used to set other relative scan specifications. You can either edit the frequency directly or tune the main display while the window is open and the click cur to dump the new tuned frequency into the text box.

Scan: - This will allow you to preset the scanning range. A range of ranges is accessible from the drop down arrow. Clicking the >> should apply the selected range but it appears to automatically happen from the range selection itself.

From: and To: Have been covered above.

Direction: - There is a choice of either Up or Down.

Step Size: - There is a choice from 10Hz through to 25kHz.

Speed: - The slider will vary the scan speed, slower to the left, faster to the right. Be careful to not set it too fast or the receiver might only stop on the next increment.

Threshhold: - This slider sets the threshhold of signal level for the scan to stop. Moving the slider to the right will indicate the S Meter level for squelch opening.

Resume: - This sets the conditions under which scan should resume. There is a choice of Auto (after the signal stops), None (scan won't resume) and 1, 3, 5 and 10 seconds. My FT-847 doesn't like the Auto setting and the frequency goes crazy with this resumption. I'm working on it.

Repeat: - There is a choice of Continuously or Once Only.

Start and Stop - These two buttons are really self evident.

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